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This community is for people who love real altrnative music, whether it be rock, hardcore, industrial or anything in between!

Is there a band you like? Let us know about it! Have a band of your own? Throw us a couple of songs! Want to rant about crappy music in general? Go right ahead! Just been to the best concert of your life? Let us know about it!

By extension, this community also covers things like alternative fashion and lifestyle, as they often go hand in hand with music. So feel free to post up about those as well!

Just some rules though.

  1. No personal attacks. That'll get you banned straight away. Someone says something you don't like, deal with it in a calm sensible manner.

  2. Racist comments will get you banned faster, if that's possible. I don't have time for racism, simple as that.

  3. Try and avoid netspeak folks. LOL and BTW are fine, but 1337 is not. We're all intelligent people here, so full sentences please.

The moderator for this community is allmyscars